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Important information

Successful applicants should read  Announcements.

SYLFF Fellows are encouraged to read about the SYLFF Research Abroad program.

By about September 10th

University at Buffalo Foundation, Inc. shall transfer SYLFF fellowship funds to the Jagiellonian University.

Before receiving fellowship funds

Before funds are received by the Jagiellonian University, successful applicants may decide in what form they would like to receive their fellowship money. In order to do that they should fill out  a form required to receive funds and send it (in an electronic format only) to the  SYLFF Program Coordinator. The form cannot be filled in by hand.  

  • If cash payment is chosen the applicant should visit the Department of Foreign Currency Accounting in Collegium Novum, room 8a, tel. 12 663 11 20 to collect a form authorizing cash collection at the bank. It should be done a few days before the intended collection date as the bank should have some time to make the payout. 
  • If a bank transfer is chosen, currency transferred will be the same as the currency of the bank account. Transfer fees will be paid by the Jagiellonian University.

Further, to obtain money the applicant should submit a foreign visit application signed by the director of the applicant's mother institute and the Dean to Ms M.Komenda at the Section of Foreign Visits, International Relations Office. Applications may be submitted well ahead of the deadline but at the latest they should be submitted 10 days before the planned departure. Upon signing the application by the Vice-Rector for Research and Structural Funds it will be sent to the Department of Foreign Currency Accounting and then the Bursar's Office will be able to make fellowship money available to the candidate. 

The procedures explained  here aplly to graduate and doctoral students alike. 

More information on the procedures can be found on a dedicated Web page.

All questions related to applications should be directed to Ms M.Komenda at the International Relations Office, Collegium Novum, room 8D, tel 12 663 11 04, e-mail:

All application documents submitted by successfull candidates will be held by the SYLFF Program Coordinator. Upon request it is possible to retrieve the original invitations.

Within 14 days upon return

Fellows should submit a report to the JU SYLFF Program Coordinator.

  • SYLFF Fellows should fill in a SYLFF Fellow Report and submit it to the SYLFF Program Coordinator in two signed copies (one of which is required by the Bursar's Office). All expenses should be quoted in USD. No bills should be submitted. 
  • The report should be accompanied by a written confirmation of the visit (including the dates) issued by the receiving institution.
  • Addditionally, all travel documents should be submitted: boarding passes and/or train/bus tickets, or a form if you travelled by car.

Term of fellowship validity

All fellowships should be completed by September 30th of the year following the year in which the fellowship has been granted. If necessary, it is possible to extend the deadline maximum till the end of the calendar year upon a written request submitted ot the Chair of the SYLFF Steering Committee and upon his/her consent.